Sensors and Measurements
Infrared Temperature Sensor (Apogee SI-111 IRT)
IRT Sensor
The Apogee SI-111 IRT measures surface temperature based on radiated thermal energy. The IRT filters the spectral response between 8-14 μm with a germanium filter, allowing for accurate measurement of skin temperature. The SI-111 IRT operates from -55 to 80 °C with an uncertainty of 0.2 °C (when target and detector are within 20 °C).
Sonic Anemometer (R.M. Young 86106)
Sonic Anemometer
The R.M. Young 86106 2D Ultrasonic Anemometer utilizes the travel time of ultrasonic pulses between three transducers to estimate wind speed and direction. The sensor has no moving parts and is calibrated up to wind speeds of 75 m/s at a resolution of 0.01 m/s.
Digital Temperature Cable (Beadedstream)
Digital Temperature Cable
The beadedstream digital temperature cable measures temperature at customizable distances using digital, low drift temperature sensors. The cable is capable of measuring temperatures ranging from -55 to 125 °C at a sensitivity of ± 0.1°C (-10 to 30 °C).
Thermocouple Wire (Omega)
Thermocouple Wire
The Omega FF-T-20 is type “T” thermocouple wire with an FEP polymer with twisted and shielded conductors.
4-Component Radiometer (Kipp & Zonen CNR4-L)
4-Component Radiometer Sensor
The Kipp and Zonen CNR4-L measures incoming/outgoing shortwave and longwave radiation using upward and downward facing pyrgeometers. The sensor is integrated with two temperature sensors to correct the longwave measurements for warming of the instrument housing. The instrument has an operating range of -40 to 80 °C with a sensitivity of 5 to 20 μV/W/m2.
Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
Air Temperature and Relative Humidit Sensor
The Vaisala HMP155A measures air temperature and relative humidity. The air temperature sensor operates from -80 to 60 °C with a temperature dependent sensitivity ranging from ± 0.1 to 0.4 °C. The relative humidity sensor operates from 0.8 to 100 %RH with an uncertainty of ± 1% (40 to 97% RH).
Barometric Pressure (Apogee SB-100)
Barometric Pressure Sensor
The apogee SB-100 barometric pressure sensor measures barometric pressure ranging from 15 to 115 kPa. The sensor operates from -40 to 125 °C and 0 to 100 %RH with sensitivity of 0.01 kPa.